Overseas Projects

Overseas Projects

At Elim we have a real desire to make a significant difference in developing nations. We are so priviledged to live in New Zealand and we believe we need to use that priviledge to help those in need. We have a 3 pronged approach in our overseas Mission focus.

1.      To provide practical help to communities in need.
(ie. To raise funds to provide for the basic necessities of life – food,     water, clothing & shelter)

2.      To help communities to become self sufficient.
(ie. By investigating and initiating projects where  local people can  end up being empowered to    help their own people).

3.      To empower the local church.
We believe local churches in developing nations and communities are the  most effective means of providing ongoing help for communities both  physical and  spiritual needs. Therefore we seek to strengthen the  local church by sending ministry teams, providing training for pastors and  leaders, and providing financial support for development of church facilities.

Currently our main focus is in Cambodia. We send teams to Cambodia one or two times a year and are currently in the process of establishing 10 hectares of land for rice, potato & fish farming in the Svay Reing district. This will make a significant difference in the lives of the people in this area and will also help to support local churches in their work.